Tectyle was born in the Garment district of New York City, one of the world’s Fashion Capitals, to breathe new life into static physical pieces of High end fashion and fine art. By incorporating modern silo chip technology, Tectyle is able to connect the physical to it’s digital counterpart on the blockchain, unlocking a suite of technology and utility to once analog items.

From Fashion to Furniture, Sculpture to Street Art, Tectyle creatively considers how tech can improve the art, and helps the artist arrive at digital identities and smart contract utilities that best speaks for their pieces.

Each curated drop on the platform is a collaboration with the creative, with the sole purpose of using the technology available to enhance the art in meaningful ways in order to provide the collector with more ways to collect, enjoy, and display the art.

The soon to be released Marketplace will offer collectors a place to buy, sell, and display their Digi-Physical NFTs.