1980S NORMA KAMALI Nylon OMO Sheer Parachute Gown With Train Dress

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CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) lifetime achievement award winner Norma Kamali made this iconic dress as part of her famous collection of recycled parachutes gifted to her by Halston’s Victor Hugo. “Victor dropped the parachute and said, ‘This is my gift to you’”. Morphew acquired this gown from Norma Kamili herself. Norma told us “We were cleaning out my warehouse and there was a door behind one of the racks. Inside we found all these boxes we had forgotten about filled with my old pieces!” She recalled how the parachute gift from Victor Hugo was pretty fabulous, and that she had so much fun making designs with it throughout all of these years since.”

On the forefront of sustainability since the 1970s, This gown was the perfect choice by Arianne Phillips for Grimes when she was featured in Elle Magazine April 2020. 

Numerous museums across the globe have pieces from this collection in their archive. Currently, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City has a pink jumpsuit on exhibit from one of Norma Kamili’s reissued parachute collections.

Decade: 1980s.

Material: nylon.

Vintage condition: perfect.



Shoulder to Shoulder: 13 in.

Bust: 30 in.

Waist: 26 in.

Hips: 33 in.

Overall length: 102 in.

Size: 2.